Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hjaltalin - Traffic Music

Things I love about Iceland:
Lava fields
Blue lagoons
Fresh-as-can-be seafood
Sigur Rós
Almost 24 hours of sunlight in June

New Additions:

This 9-piece group from Reykjavik has been making me quite happy with their first album, Sleepdrunk Seasons. I imagine this album would prove to be a near mirror image of what my emotional soundtrack would be if I ever spent any extended period of time in our favorite island country. Definitely worth a listen.

Death Cab for Cutie - Rocking Chair

Death Cab covering The Band. Not the first band that springs to your mind when you think of The Band? Me either. Ben Gibbard and Co. put their own subdued twist on an already great song though, and the result is unexpectedly pleasant, (horns?! On a Death Cab song?! Brilliant).
I've never been to "Virginny", but even I'm nostalgic after a few rounds of this song. Give it a listen, there's a good chance you'll be harmonizing along before the 3 minute mark...